Want to learn all there is to Real Money Slots? Look no further, after you’re done with this article, you will be able to play online slots and win real money, even if you thought it was impossible.

There are thousands of online slots to choose from. So, it’s understandable that it is not always that easy to recognize which approach is the best when it comes to playing online slots for real money.

Introducing the basics…

Here are some basic terms which you should definitely get familiar with to increase your chances of winning:


Return to player (RTP) represents the statistical percentage that will be paid back to the players in winnings over time out of all wagers going through that slot machine. This term is also often called “payback” or “payout”. This number usually ranges between 95% and 98%, with the general rule ´the bigger the better´.

Hit Frequency

Casually referred to as “hit rate”, the hit frequency indicates how often the slot machine reels will stop on a winning combination. Almost every Real Money Slot out there comes with an option to bet on multiple lines during each spin. More paylines mean more chances to win.


Volatility shows how much and how often do Real Money Slots pay across shorter time spans. Higher volatility means that the slot may not produce any wins for long periods of time. But this could mean that the actual payouts will be larger and thus it’s not a bad thing. On the other hand, low volatility Real Money Slots produce more frequent wins which are usually smaller.

Bonus Features

Real Money Slots usually have some unique symbols which when aligned will trigger some kind of special slot event. These could be bonus rounds, free spins, added multipliers and other rewards. Not only that these features make the gameplay more exciting, but also considerably increase your chances of winning big.

Of course, in all Real Money Slots dealings lady luck plays a major part and to win you gotta have her on your side. At least a little. 😉

The burning dilemma…

Finally, there’s the tricky question or maybe we should say comparison. That of Free vs. Real Money Slots.

According to our research, free slots are played by a lot more people than Real Money Slots. Such results make us wonder why do people prefer free games that don’t bring any tangible wins like the best Real Money Slots do?

Without question, many people prefer trying out online slots for free before playing them for real money. That’s quite understandable behaviour. Free games certainly are the best way to try all the new slot features you are not familiar with.

Some players could have problems with gambling in the past and now they don’t want to take a risk. Even though this is completely reasonable it is proven that Real Money Slots are much more exciting and guarantee much better gaming experience than the free casino games played for fun.

So, which are the best Real Money Slots to play for real money? In all honesty, no one can give you a correct answer to this question, it all comes down to individual preferences.

There are players who try to reduce risk by choosing low volatility titles, while others prefer high volatility games and going for those bigger payouts. Some players choose a slot by its hit rate while others may be more interested in the bonus features and so on.

Whichever online slots you choose to spend your real money on, it is of utmost importance to manage your bankroll and never ever chase your losses.

Try to select games based on your own personal interests. You know best what is best for you! Always try to focus on having more fun than solely aim on winning more and more money.

Happy gaming and stay on the safe side!


How safe is it to play Real Money Slots at new casinos?

Worried about joining a new casino? If it’s safe? If they will pay out your winnings? Worry not, our friends, we rate and review only the best online casinos, ensuring those we recommend are perfectly safe for online slots real money play.

Why should I play Real Money Slots in the first place?

Two words, serious benefits. Most obviously, such slots offer you the chance to win real cash. Real Money Slots are easy to play and have the potential to provide massive jackpot wins. That’s something few other casino games can match. Check out our recommendations!

When I play Real Money Slots will I get a bonus?

Typically, new players get a bonus when they make their initial deposit at a new casino. Explore which Online Casino Welcome Bonus is the best for you. Also, you should keep an eye on hot bonuses and promotions which we track on a regular basis. Keep in mind, before accepting any bonus offers it is important to get acquainted with the terms and conditions behind them.

How do I know those deals you advertise are safe for UK players?

Whatever promo, deal or suggestion we offer on our site we do it with UK players on our mind. All the casinos we advise you to visit are regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and therefore considered safe and secure for Real Money Slots play.

On what device can I play Real Money Slots?

Real Money Slots can be enjoyed online via almost any modern computer, mobile phone, as well as a tablet from all major manufacturers. Windows, iOS, Android, or some fourth operating system, whether your device of choice runs on, you should be able to play online slots for real money at a variety of top online casinos.

What to look out for in Real Money Slots?

When evaluating a real money slot there are a number of things you should look for. Return-to-player (RTP) percentage first comes to mind. You may also want to check if the volatility is high or low. One might also wish to look if the whole theme behind a given slot seems interesting or not. Also, consider the bonus rounds, free spins and other features. All in all, you want to find a Real Money Slot that’s made just for your most comfortable preferences!

Which Real Money Slots are best for beginners and which for advanced players?

We would suggest that beginners try out a simple slot, maybe even something old-school that looks like those ancient land based casino machines. To get the general feeling of the whole thing. For advanced iGamers, we advise going for the most feature galore Real Money Slots offered and make the best out of fun-packed action they provide.