Tips & Strategies on How to Beat Wagering Requirements

Now that you’ve gone and done yourself a huge favour by landing on this particular article, perhaps your quest for a way to beat the unwavering wagering requirements imposed on you by your favourite casino online gambling site when you wanted to make a withdrawal from your winnings has led you to inquire how one could go about and if at all possible to beat wagering requirements? Or perhaps you are one of those keen online gambling site players that have heard the term: “wagering requirements’ time and again, but simply never bothered to figure out what it means, until now? Well, either way, by finding yourself on this very page right here, right now, you are indeed in the best place and at the right time to learn all there is to learn all there is about casino online bonus wagering requirements and how to beat wagering requirements.

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When it comes to online casino bonus offers, and being able to effectively use the many variations of casino online bonus offers, there is always (inevitably) going to be mention of a wagering requirement that will need to be adhered to, and will indeed be implemented by the said casino online gaming site that has made the online casino bonus available to players – which is why the fact that you have landed on this here very page is indeed a good omen, as you will now be able to understand why wagering requirements are implemented, what wagering requirements actually are, and finally, you will be able to administer some fine tuned mathematics in order to successfully calculate the amount  that would need to be wagered, in order to successfully adhere to any wagering requirements, as mentioned by casino online gaming sites.  

Without too much ado about nothing, or any more fanfare, and no longer in need of a lengthy introduction, let us get to the actual meat of this article, and tackle what is for many ardent casino online game player a very unwelcome guest to their bonus party: the most often times, always present factor that accompanies most online casino bonus offers: the wagering requirement.

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What is Wagering in Gambling?

First things first, let us take heed of the actual topic at hand, namely the wagering requirement. In order to be able to optimally answer the question how to beat wagering requirements? It only stands to reason that we will need to be able to unpack the entire notion of what a wagering requirement is.

So, without further ado, in answer to the next budding question: how do wagering requirements work? We will need to give a brief, succinct and altogether comprehensive explanation as to what are wagering requirements, actually?

So, in a nutshell, a wager is a bet that is placed, or alternatively one can easily explain a wager as money spent on any given casino game, be it a table game, a slot game, a roulette game, a blackjack game, a bingo game, a baccarat game – you name it. If it is a game title offered for play at an online casino gambling site, the odds are you will need to place a wager on the game to get some gameplay moments racked up.

Now, the wagering requirement is the number of times that you, as the ardent casino online gameplay will need to play the bonus money in order to successfully be able to withdraw any winnings incurred while using the online casino bonus to play said online casino game.

Wagering Requirement Tip:

Should you happen to play a table game, the likes of a roulette game or blackjack game, you will probably find the wagering requirements will be considerably less than that of casino online slot games

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What does Casino Bonus no Wagering mean?

When it comes to being able to effectively beat the wagering requirements of any given online casino bonus, what is advised is to take a quick look at the mathematics of the wagering requirement phenomenon, in order to get a firm grip on exactly how wagering requirements work, and how to beat wagering requirements.

Let us take a look at a pseudo case study below:

Timmy has just recently signed up to Join online casino Gambling site, namely Casino XYZ. As part of Timmy’s welcome bonus package offer, Casino XYZ has given Timmy €60 in bonus money, which he can claim as soon as he deposits a minimum of €20. When Timmy makes this €20 deposit into his newly created gaming account, he will receive the €60 bonus money, but a word to the wise, this €60 bonus money comes with 5x wagering requirement.

Timmy makes his deposit of €20, and a pop-up message appears on his mobile device screen, congratulating him on his very first successful deposit made at Casino XYZ, advising Timmy that he has 24 hours to claim his welcome bonus package offer of €60 bonus money. Timmy is a seasoned casino online gambling player, therefore he knows that inevitably with such a lucrative welcome bonus package offer, there will be a wagering requirement attached to his bonus offer of €60. The message he received about his welcome bonus offer did not mention the wagering requirement of 5x, but knowing the protocol, Timmy went to the Terms and Conditions page of Casino XYZ, and it was there that he read that the wagering requirement on any player’s Welcome bonus package would constitute a 5x wagering requirement.

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Timmy goes on to claim his welcome bonus package offer, and it appears lady luck is smiling on him on this particular day, as he manages to win a considerable amount of moolah while playing out his bonus money. Having checked the T&Cs and knowing that the wagering requirement is 5x, as well as one of the stipulated criteria for attaining the welcome bonus package offer in the first place was to deposit a minimum amount of €20 means that Timmy knows that he needs to wager at least €400 in order to be able to successfully withdraw his massive winnings.

Thankfully for Timmy, he was aware of the stipulated T&Cs, and the 5x wagering requirement on Casino XYZ’s welcome bonus offer, and he made sure to wager more than the minimum of €400.

So, how did Timmy know that he need to wager at least €400 in this instance? You may wonder. Well, this is basically how Timmy worked out the minimum wagering requirement that he would need to wager, in order to successfully withdraw any of his winnings – and boy-oh-boy did Timmy win indeed.

This is the mathematical calculation as Timmy worked it out:

€20 (minimum deposit required) + €60 (welcome bonus money from Casino XYZ) x 5 (wagering requirement) = €400 (amount Timmy knew he would need to wager, at least, in order to successfully withdraw any winnings)

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What is the Best Way to Beat Wagering Requirements?

Given that the inclusion of wagering requirements in any given online casino bonus offer is there for a very valid reason means that in order to beat these wagering requirements, the player will need to either find online casino gaming sites that have casino bonus no wagering offers for players to take up, or alternatively the player will need to decide to opt out of the bonus offers from any given casino online gambling site accordingly.

The fact that the wagering requirements are in place to ensure that the online casino in question is fully compliant with anti-money laundering regulations means that by taking up the wagering requirement, one is in actual fact ensuring any bonus gameplay runs smoothly and is in no way linked to any nefarious activity.

So, in answer to the initial question; How to beat wagering requirements? We have a couple of suggestions, just to recap them:

  1. Pick the right casino
    Join up and register to become part of the player community at a reputable casino online gaming site that is part of the ‘best of’ list featuring the best casino bonus no wagering requirements offers available for avid casino online players to enjoy.
  2. Renege on the bonus offers
    What we mean by this is to simply opt to not claim any bonus offers any given casino online gaming site may offer players that have newly sign up to join the casino in question or any promotional offers that are given to regular game players at any given casino online gaming site accordingly.

Learn How to get around Wagering Requirements and Win Big

Although it may not be in one’s best interest to not claim any online casino bonus offers, seeing as though taking up the bonus offers is a surefire and quick way to increase one’s bankroll, and get on a winning streak effectively, and easily, what is important when it comes to the element of wagering requirements, is to know why they are there, know how to work out what the wagering requirement for any given casino online bonus offer may be, and to make the wagering requirement and online casino bonus offer work to your advantage.

All in all, when playing at a top quality and reputable casino online gaming site, there will also be the most important aspect that is available in boatloads, and this is fun & games, all the way.

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