Casumo have now take casino bonuses and casino Races to a New level, with their new Reel races you are there to beat your fellow casino players in the race for the top positions and prizes every 30 minutes, your chance to win Free Spins bonuses and no deposit cash prizes are endless depending on your skills with the reels.


Reel races points earnings at casumo

Warming up your reels and you will earn points for every casino winnings you make, so make sure to calculate those winnings possibilities and use all your skills to optimise it to your own skill set.
You will get points for every 3 wins in a row, every 2 big wins and every Mega win, the mega win giving you the amazing amount of 100 points toward the race list, and this maybe even leavening you impossible to beat. The exact amount of points is as follows:

  • Any standard win gives you 2 points
  • Every 3 wins in a row will put an extra 5 points in the pool
  • A big win gives 20 points
  • 2 big wins in a row will add 35 points extra
  • And lastly the mega win, brings a smashing 100 points
  • Casumo

    Check on your fellow player at Casumo

    Don’t think that you will be all alone in this race however, they have made an interacting leader board that will make it possible for you to take a closer look on all your opponents and what kind of chances you have against them, they are after all here to win the Free spins bonuses as well.
    For every 30 minutes race you and all your opponents will have a set amounts of spins to claim their place on their leader board and the Free spins bonuses, you will be able to check exactly how much your biggest contestant have left to spin in the race and also what game he`s currently playing.
    All this information about your opponents will give you the ultimate opportunity to choose the best game to beat him and his last spins left in his pool of spins.


    How often will it be?

    This race will be run by Casumo every hour of the day and every day until further notice, the races are divided in 30 minute races and can almost be seen as laps, every laps win you make will give you Free spins bonuses. This leaves you a great opportunity to get Free spins every half hour if you make the race in the best way.
    At the end of every day a Grand casino bonus prize will be Given out to the greatest winner of the day, this mega win contains the grand prize of £/€ 1000, and this will be given out every day to the best racer of the day.

    All you have to do to start is follow these points:

  • Join Casumo + get our no deposit bonus of 20 Free Spins
  • Click “join now” at casumo to join the race
  • Start your spinning and climb the ladder
  • If you missed the Casumo join button – Press here!