We at Casinolounge love Online casino and in particular online casino slots. There is over 2000 online casino slots in the world. And we have made it our life goal to play them all. Follow us as we go onto this journey and play the slots. We will of course also review each slot and write a little about them.

Best Online Casino Slots

We have made a short list of our favourite casino slots. These slots are the ones we always come back to and a given when playing our casino bonuses. We do favour Netent casino slots. Might be the fact it was the online slots we first got introduced to or it is because they are just simply awesome in terms of graphics and sound.

Slot History

Did you know that the first slot Machine was invented already in during the 1800 century. It was inventor Charles Fey that invented the first ever slot machine: The Liberty Bell. The Machine was completely mechanical and became a instant hit in saloons and casinos. The Liberty Bell was a three reel slot with one payline. Five symbols in total and three in a row would give you a win. The symbols was hearts, spades, horseshoe, Diamonds and Bells. Where the last one in a winning line would give you the highest win therefor the name Liberty Bell. Still today we see these symbols on various videoslots.

In a lot of states gambling was prohibited so no cash could be paid out. To go around this the slots paid out through candy or bubble gum instead. Looping through a grey hole, like we haven’t seen gambling industry do that before.
The candy was usually symbols of fruits, thats where we got the fruit slots from and why it has been so popular.

Electromechanical slots

It was Bally that took the slot machines to the next level and introduced electrics to it. Light and multicoin levels increased the popularity and the game play. Making slots more popular than ever. Table games where still at this time by far the most popular casino game but slots where the future. IGT understood this and created the first slot with a microship. This was in the beginning of the 80’s where technology advancement was rocketing. IGT took the new technology and created the first completely Electronical slot. They could also link their slots and create pooled jackpots. The technology was not accepted by player at first. As always when something new comes up many people where sceptical, but with smart marketing and continious development made the videoslot an instant hit. It was IGT who invented the first pooled jackpot slot: Mega Bucks.

Online Casino Slots Today

The advancements in the casino market has rocketed. Most thanks to the online casino slots that became an hit at the beginning of 2010. Everyone owns a computer or a smartphone. So reaching out to customers that likes casino was made a lot easier. The online casino slots also became friendlier to players so more could enjoy the simple rush you get when enetering the bonus games.

It also became more popular to every man due to the graphical and audio enhancements. Making the games have a larger story, better graphics and music. Almost like playng a videogame with a storyline. When moving over the casino slots to mobile, it just made it easier for players to play their favourite games on the go. In the future we think we will see more and more players conducting their gambling through their mobile phone.
Already now when i go traveling i just bring my iPad and a bluetooth keyboard, and i have everything i need for my trip. Writing, watching videos, email, chat and of course play my favourite slots. I can do everything through my iPad.

Online Slots Developers

There are loads of different online casino slot providers. Down below we have listed our favourites providers. We will try to cover them all as more and more smaller providers are popping up. A lot of new game developers are being borned trying to take market shares from the five biggest online slots developers. Microgaming, Playtech. Netent. IGT, Bally.
Read more about each slot provider by clicking their logo.