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Steam Tower online casino slot

Steam Tower from Netent Casino is one of the best released in 2015.
A 15 line slot that will keep you on your toes at all times.
Steam Tower takes you in to a distant future where you will have to save the princess from an evil dragon in order to get the big wins. Get into the bonus game and climb the tower in order to save the princess from the dragons clutches.

steam tower netent videoslot

Steam Tower Free Spins Feature

Activating the free spin mode is the challenge here you need to get the stacked wild covering a whole reel in order to get into the bonus game, any reel will do. Entering the free spin mode our hero stands at the bottom of the tower before he can claim the Big Wins he has to climb all the way up and defeat the dragon. 16 floors is ahead and the only way to climb is by gathering wilds.
Each wild gives you 2 extra free spins and let you climb one floor on the tower. Even if you get two wilds you will still just get 2 extra free spins. To make it even more interesting each third floor will add 1x multiplier so making big wins gets easier and easier for each floor.

Steam Tower Music and Graphics

Graphics is as always stunning when ti comes to Netent, but we feel like with this game they could have made something more out of the free spin mode. It’s 3d characters comes well in hand and is very good rendered but adding some graphical features climbong the tower would in our oppinnion make a big hit. Soundwise it is perfect for the game. Each spin leaves you wanting more and going up the tower makes your heart race as you know for each wild you will get closer and closer to a life changing win.

Steam Tower Game Experience

Good thing boaut steam tower is that you can actually win pretty big without entering the free spins mode. It is always nice when you can catch a random big win outside the free spin feature.
Music and graphics make the spins go ver smooth and it is definately a game you can play for a very long time. 15 lines divided into three rows and five columns is one of our favourite set-ups and it is a game we find ourselves coming back to over and over again.

steam tower netent videoslot

Steam Tower in your mobile device

Released in mid 2015 this videoslot was available straight away on the mobile platforms. The game works smooth and is as christal clear on the mobile device as on desktop.