In space no one can hear you spin… Aliens Videoslot is here.
Awesome this years big release has finally arrived and we are super excited about it.
The game is built in 3-rows 5-reels and 15-lines so 0.15£ minimum spin and pretty high variance. The game is a bit hard in the beginning.

We are not sure whats happening in the beginning the game is a bit cluttery and the symbols are much alike each other. It kind destroys the momentum it had for us being super excited in playing Aliens then our first 30 minutes we don’t really know whats happening.
The game features both random wilds and a horrifying free spins game.

Aliens Videoslot free spins mode

After a couple of spin we activate Aliens free spins mode by gathering 9 symbol hits in a row. We start chasing and shooting Aliens from left to right. Here is where the game really shine although it feels like the free spins mode has taken more inspiration from AVP;2 the PC game. We loved that game so for us it does not matter at all.

Unfortunately we never got to see the Alien Queen that Awaits you in the final battle. Killing the Alien Queen will give you a multiplier of x240; meaning shitload of cash.

Play Aliens Videoslot for free

You can play Aliens Videoslot for free here at or grab 10 Alien free spins at redbet casino.

Kill the Alien Queen and grab a PS4

As a launch campaign of Aliens Videoslot Redbet gives out 10 Playstation 4’s.
One-shot the Alien Queen and you will not just receive the glory, money and all women. Redbet throws in a brand new Playstation 4. So what are you waiting for go out and chase that Alien Queen. As a new depositor at redbet casino you get 100% bonus up to £200.

Good luck at the reels!