Load up. time to kill some Aliens!
They are coming literally out of the wall, the Aliens are everywhere and sadly we do not have a lot of ammunition. Play Aliens from netetn below for free or grab one of our accredited casino bonuses from our Best Casino Bonus UK Page.



Play Aliens for real money at redbet casino, and win a PS4!

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Aliens Free spin mode

Activate Aliens Free Spin mode by filling up the symbol bar. Each time you win, the winning symbols will fil the bar up each time you spin and gets nothing one will go away. Getting into Aliens free spin mode can be a bit tricky, but it is well worth it.

Aliens Game Feature

Besides an awesome free spin mode filled with intense battle, awesome video and sound it also comes with some Big wins. Aliens is a 3-row- 5-reel 15-line slot making the minimum bet at only 0.15£.
There are some huge wins ready for you you just gotta stay ALIVE!